Solution not only in words

How a software might help
in debt collection?

We have developed a special software at Késmárki Szoftwarefejlesztő Kft. which helps you as a real partner in all phases of management and collection of debt from the first telephone call till the legal phase. But how?

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Solution not only in words

We have met almost all types of claims during the years spent in the world of claim management from starting with the classical bank or leasing debts through the commercial credit to the utility debt. According to our experience the collection of the debt is often a long and cumbersome procedure and might require completely different methods. There are no two cases the same.

The main profile of Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. is software development.
There is not only our high level of IT knowledge in the background of the systems created by us but our experiences gathered in the world of claim management and collection. This is proved by the fact that we endeavour to do the actual in the field of crediting and debt collection: we improve our products by taking the current legal regulations into consideration and quickly react to market changes.

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What do we offer?

Solution in the claim management

INDECS (INdividual DEbt Collection System) is an office automation system created by Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. which helps you through all the stages of claim management and collection.

Considering the different demands we take INDECS system available to our customers in three various packages:

Indecs-Mikro.png Indecs-Mezo.png Indecs-Makro.png

Which is the best solution for me?