How a software is able to help in claim management?

We have developed such a software at Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. which helps our partners in the different sessions of „soft” collection and the legal section.

INDECS (INdividual DEbt Collection System) which was dreamed by us therefore is nothing else than a unique office automation system which helps debt collection and by the help of it you can save lot of time and energy.


Whom does it help?

  • To creditors
  • To workout companies
  • To collection agencies
  • To participants of bank sector and leasing companies
  • To public utility companies
  • To such middle- and large companies who has many claims but their main profile is not recovery


In what does INDECS system help to your work?

  • Data management: all data what is necessary to claim management can be regsitered within the same system (data of debtors, outstanding invoices, covers, etc.) – it is possible to group and/or separate different debtors
  • Organization of work: team based task list and calendar management
  • Macro management: teaching the sotware. System records the selection and orders of operation done by the operator and able to run it as often as needed even in a scheduled way
  • Marketing: monitoring the marketing processes by contract registration
  • Multiple debt calculation: always makes correct debt calculation in case of branching cases by preventing total overpayment. May apply fully flexible rates moreover with iteration any partial payment can be calculated
  • Documentum-generation: according to patterns it is possible to prepare form letters
  • e-FMH: issuing and tracking electronical warrants for payment
  • e-VH: preparing execution papers which can be submitted electronic way
  • Filing: automatical outgoing and simple incoming filing by means of Post Administrator
  • Handling of cash transfer forms: filling in cash transfer forms, automatic processing of PEK files (Post Account Centre)
  • Call center integration: starting call center campaigns, calls connected automatically to the administrator
  • Optical archiving: scanning and displaying documents
  • Barcode technology: simple and quick organization of outgoing and incoming documents by the help of barcodes
  • Counter and invoicing: expenditure and income cash vouchers, supplier and customer invoices and tracking of settlements
  • Bank account reconciliation tool: automatic and manual reconciliation tool possibility
  • Management information system: flexible inquiries, in normal and/or crosstab layout
  • Serving different clients with web services: it is easy to make internet or mobile phone applications (built on web services)


Which is the most suitable package for you?

We know it well at Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. that our partners have different recovery portfolios. That is why we offer INDECS system in three different packages:

Indecs-Mikro.png Indecs-Mezo.png Indecs-Makro.png

Our partners may easily choose the most effective solution from these packages.



Choose the best solution for yourself!