Our products

Our products

INDECS - Solution in the claim management

INDECS (INdividual DEbt Collection System) is an office automation system created by Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft. which helps you through all the stages of claim management and collection.

Considering the different demands we take INDECS system available to our customers in three various packages:

    Indecs-Mezo.pngIndecs-Mikro.png    Indecs-Makro.png



INFOCIS – Preparing credit reports and credit rating examination

We have made its own office automation system to Creditreform group what is called INFOCIS. Our software is already successfully used by Creditreform offices in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Russia. By the help of this software our clients are able to store and analyse all conceivable company data, preparing credit reports which highly reduce the risk of crediting.

You can see a sort of credit report here .

The software is available through a web surface, through CrefoPort the application made by our partner.

This product is not available for sale in commercial trade.

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