About Us

The history of Késmárki Szoftverfejlesztő Kft.

In 2008, when it was founded, the company was initially made up of four “”veteran”” software developers with experience in debt management. Our first major order was for the development of a debt management software, which almost put the company out of business as the client became insolvent due to the then unfolding economic crisis.

Fortunately for us, another company “”took over”” the project and the software was launched in 2009. This sortware became known as Indecs, the Inimitable Debt Collection System.

“This was not our first work in the field of debt management softwares, so we managed to create a system where we have largely eliminated the previous mistakes and implemented many of the previous great ideas. We really enjoyed this creative process.
Indecs was also starting to become known and popular in the market, with 2-3 new clients every year, most of whom are still our clients today.

Soon we needed business analysts, consultants, sales representatives, and even more developers. Not everyone could do everything anymore: special fields developed according to functions and technologies.
We exchanged the two rooms we had initially rented for a 3-room apartment on the ground floor, and when we outgrew that too, we moved to an office building at Benczúr utca 47. Luckily for us, we didn’t have to move from there yet, we just had to increase our office size.

In the meantime, the technology has also changed: from a desktop application to a web system based on microservices. We were constantly researching and developing, we also hit a few dead ends, but we managed to stay at the forefront of technology, just as we were in 2008.

Naturally, we also had to learn to organise ourselves better: the initial e-mail-based task assignments were replaced by specialised systems, a management layer and, of course, the necessary professional project management was created.
At the moment, we feel that we can do anything in the area of debt management IT.